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Car Cleaning and Detailing in Northbridge

Give your Car a Thorough Clean In Northbridge

Car cleaning is as important as car detailing. Car cleaning refers to a simple car wash that will keep the outer surface of your car clean and shiny. It also involves basic dusting and cleaning of the car from inside. Car detailing, on the other hand, involves a deep and invasive cleaning of the exterior and interior of the car. Even the minutest dirt particles are removed, after you avail our car detailing services in Northbridge.

Wax & Wipe are here to offer you effective car detailing services in Northbridge to keep your car in a meticulously clean and polished state. We provide quick and efficient services and can meet you where you are to clean your car. Our detailers perform a thorough clean of your car and can provide a hybrid ceramic application that protects the paint of your car, maintains it cleanliness for longer and adds a high gloss to the car. Depending on your package, we can also polish your vehicle after this step. Our car detailing services will leave your car fit and ready to be placed in a showroom.

Benefits of Availing Car Detailing Services:

  • In our car cleaning services in Northbridge, your car will be cleaned by the experts. It is also later hand-dried with a microfibre towel. This is done to ensure that no marks reside on the surface of the paint, for a flawless and fingerprint-less finish.
  • The car detailers in Northbridge remove all the water stains from the material of your fabric seats. The leather upholstery is also properly conditioned and cleaned. This will benefit your vehicle greatly, and you will surely feel the difference each time you sit down in your car.
  • We use specialised eco-friendly chemicals and tools for our mobile detailing services. The car is cleaned from the roof to the tires intricately.
  • We use a hybrid ceramic product that protects and extends the bright, clean, and brilliant finish of your newly cleaned car.

Benefits of Car Cleaning

  • All the dust particles and dirt are removed by our car cleaning staff with the utmost care. The removal is important to prevent scratches or other signs of erosion in your car.
  • The windows and mirrors are cleaned properly to enhance visibility. A clean interior will have a significant impact on how well you see the road and what’s around you, making your ride safer.
  • The deep cleaning of your car results in improved indoor air quality. The symptoms of allergies or other problems will also be reduced, along with the risk of bacterial infection.
  • Your ride becomes safer and more enjoyable. You will also not need to spend money on costly repairs later.

Why Should You Contact Us?

  • We offer cleaning packages that suit every budget.
  • We save you time and effort in cleaning by employing our capable workers to perform the work.
  • We are known for providing effective and eco-friendly car detailing in Northbridge at a very reasonable rate.
  • We are providing a way for people to create a positive impact and give back during these hard times, by saving 150 litres in every wash.

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