CAR CLEANING SYDNEY Wax & Wipe is a Sydney based car cleaning service committed to responding to the virus conditions accordingly. GET FREE QUOTE INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR STEAM CLEANING Our aim is to provide an eco-friendly car care service, reducing the amounts of unnecessary
wasted water per car clean. Our newly introduced steam cleaning offers a superior
and more effective after finish, enhancing disinfection and the removal of stains and bad smells.
MOBILE CAR CLEANING Wax & Wipes mobile car cleaning brings convenience to your door step. Our car cleaning guarantees 100%
customer satisfaction. We wont leave until your satisfied.

Car Cleaning and Detailing in Neutral Bay

Supreme Quality Car Detailing & Car Cleaning in Neutral Bay
If you are hunting for a car cleaner and detailer that can appear right at your doorstep, you need not look much further than Wax & Wipe. We are ready to give you a fast and efficient service with an affordable price in your city. Wax & Wipe is a reliable car detailing and car cleaning service provider in Neutral Bay. From surface servicing to interior cleaning, our professionals will make your car feel brand new. Our mobile cleaning service allows you to opt for a thorough cleaning package at your convenience, whether from your home or office.

What Is a Car Detailing Service?

Car detailing is an active process of thoroughly cleaning your car, as well as providing a protective application that often makes it look brand new. A car detailing is performed on the inside and outside body of your car, which follows different tools and techniques-

Exterior Detailing & Cleaning:

Exterior detailing includes cleaning and restoring the original conditions of the vehicles. Dirt, stains, grease- all are removed from the windows, tyres, rims, and the other visible components of the car with our cutting-edge steam cleaning technology or other eco-friendly products.

Interior Detailing & Cleaning:

Interior car detailing involves the vacuuming, scrubbing, wiping, and most importantly, disinfecting the inside area of your car. Interior cleaning is equally the most vital and messy process if done without the help of a professional.

Wax & Wipe Top Facilities:

  • We are the leading car detailing and car cleaning company in Neutral Bay. Our main goal is to gain the satisfaction and faith of our valued customers.
  • We provide various kinds of packages of car detailing from bronze, silver, gold, platinum and full interior as per your requirements.
  • Our packages are all budget efficient with surprising offers. Our services are also an eco-friendly and trouble-free process.
  • We understand the value of time in your hectic life. So, we provide time-saving services whenever and wherever its convenient.
  • Our technicians are well-skilled and have great experience in their work. They use quality equipment and techniques based on the surface type and condition of the vehicle.

Benefits of Car Detailing Service:

At present day, possessing a car is not a luxury but rather it is a necessity for our daily lives. Through our dependence, our car has seen many different conditions and pollutants, that sometimes a rushed home car cleaning doesn’t cut it. Sometimes even when you put in your best, you still can’t get out that stain or strange odour.

  • First impressions are also often last impressions. The same also goes with an attractive and well looked after car. Detailing removes the spots, scum, and stubborn blemishes, protecting the life of your car’s seats, interior and exterior.
  • A good-looking, clean car is always preferable and valuable to customers. Thus, regular detailing helps raise the value of a car so that you can get a better price for it on the market.
  • Car detailing helps you maintain the health of passengers as detailers properly sanitise all parts of the interior cabin like the leather, carpet, seats, floor mat etc. to kill all harmful bacteria and germs.

So, without wasting your precious time, please make an appointment today and enjoy our car detailing and car cleaning services in Neutral Bay.


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