CAR CLEANING SYDNEY Wax & Wipe is a Sydney based car cleaning service committed to responding to the virus conditions accordingly. GET FREE QUOTE INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR STEAM CLEANING Our aim is to provide an eco-friendly car care service, reducing the amounts of unnecessary
wasted water per car clean. Our newly introduced steam cleaning offers a superior
and more effective after finish, enhancing disinfection and the removal of stains and bad smells.
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Car Cleaning and Detailing in Hornsby

Expert Car Detailing Company in Hornsby

Wax & Wipe is one of the trusted brands for car cleaning and car detailing in Sydney. Our objective is to improve the overall appearance and sanitary condition of your car. We do this with our revolutionary steam technology that effectively cleanses and sanitises your vehicle, all while saving water and putting out no harmful chemical residue. In these uncertain times, we’re proud to save 150 litres of water in every car that we clean.
Our specialised car cleaning and car detailing services in Hornsby enhance the function of your vehicle and how well you enjoy it. Our professional team members precisely and intricately deliver car cleaning and detailing services that make your car fresh and new again.

Here are some of the major factors why you should opt for our car detailing services in Hornsby

1. Restore the Value of Your Vehicle:
Our company helps you protect your expensive investment with our professional car detailing. We know that many people put a lot of time and money into their car. Your car must be properly maintained to best retain its value, allowing you to get the highest resale value on the market in future.

2. Provides Great Value for Money:
Regular car cleaning can help you optimally maintain your car. At Wax & Wipe especially, we pride ourselves in our cost-effective services. We don’t use as much water or chemicals with our car steam cleaning services– saving you money and the environment wasted water.
Furthermore, addressing problem areas or build up early will save your car from exacerbated conditions that will cost you larger sums later on. In our car detailing services, we can effectively remove even embedded dirt and debris in your seats and carpets, making the interior of your car feel as good as new.

3. Better Fuel Economy:
While it may sound unlikely, dirty cars can negatively affect your gas mileage by up to 10%, shown on an episode of MythBusters. Therefore, regularly cleaning and detailing your car can create a positive impact on gas mileage and fuel consumption, increasing the performance of your engine. A perfectly cleaned car boasts less wind resistance and needs less fuel to operate.

4. Helps to Improve Overall Safety:
Car detailing in Hornsby involves a lot of scrutiny, with a lot of attention paid to all the details of build-up in dirt, debris, and bacteria in your car. It helps improve the safety of your vehicles, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, as we effectively disinfect the most frequent points of contact, carpets and hard to reach places where dust and other harmful microorganisms can build up.

5. Attention to Every Last Detail:
One of the biggest advantages of car detailing is its efficacy to elevate the appearance of your vehicle and give it a new-like appearance. Wax & Wipe sets apart the physical appearance of your car, giving considerable attention to all its different components. In this, we make sure your car is cleaned with utmost precision and accuracy.

Wax & Wipe is known for their effective and sustainable car detailing and car cleaning services in Hornsby. We strive to provide all our esteemed clients and patrons the best value for money with our water efficient services.

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