CAR CLEANING SYDNEY Wax & Wipe is a Sydney based car cleaning service committed to responding to the virus conditions accordingly. GET FREE QUOTE INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR STEAM CLEANING Our aim is to provide an eco-friendly car care service, reducing the amounts of unnecessary
wasted water per car clean. Our newly introduced steam cleaning offers a superior
and more effective after finish, enhancing disinfection and the removal of stains and bad smells.
MOBILE CAR CLEANING Wax & Wipes mobile car cleaning brings convenience to your door step. Our car cleaning guarantees 100%
customer satisfaction. We wont leave until your satisfied.

Car Cleaning in Castlecrag

Car Cleaning in Castlecrag That Restores The Beauty And Freshness Of Your Car

Every vehicle owner loves a brilliant, dazzling finish for their car. Such a finish is always sure to get notice. But not many know how to achieve such a clean and stunning polish on their own. Availing a car cleaning service by a professional is crucial to give an illuminate shine and notable freshness to your vehicle. If you are staying in and around Castlecrag, then you can easily approach Wax & Wipe for the cleaning of your car.

With modern facilities and expert technicians, each customer can expect a high-quality service from us. We guarantee your beloved car a deep re-invigorating clean; inside and out. Most importantly, we are saving 150 litres of water in every wash that we do with our eco-friendly steam cleaning approach.

Gleaming Cars That Are Beautiful and Clean
Most car owners pay special attention to keeping the exterior of their cars clean. The reason is that it is the area that others can see. But interior cleaning is also essential to keep your vehicle in good condition. A car owner can restore the charm of their valuable car with the help of a professional car cleaning company. Our experienced and skilled technicians clean your car fully and make it fresh and hygienic.

Maintaining Your Car For its Best Health
Many people wish to treat their cars as their babies; they love to always see their vehicles in a clean and spotless condition. If you are one among those that really care for their car, you need to ensure that you clean it regularly with the help of a professional cleaner so that stains and other debris don’t stay or grow more stubborn. Wax & Wipe is a trusted service provider in Castlecrag. We offer a wide range of car cleaning and detailing services across Sydney at a competitive price.

Why Choose Wax & Wipe?
When it comes to car washing and cleaning, Wax & Wipe well stands out in Castlecrag. Our steam cleaning approach sets us apart; as a company we employ the latest techniques to effective clean cars with steam, saving them money, all while saving the environment from unnecessary waste.

We offer complete grooming packages for vehicles including inside and out cleaning, vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, disinfecting and protective coatings. We are a one-stop solution for all your car cleaning needs.

What Do We Offer?
No matter what type of car a person owns, we have a package for them that will suit their needs. Some of our car cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning the exterior shell of your vehicles
  • Cleaning the interior roof
  • Stain removal from mats and carpets using specialised shampoo
  • Cleaning and vacuuming of seats
  • Cleaning of dashboard, cockpit, and other areas
  • Cleaning of internal glass
  • Removal of odour from the car

We are not just another car cleaning service provider in Castlecrag. Our expert technicians are well-trained to effectively deliver a hospital grade clean as a protective measure for your cars against COVID-19. Apart from cars, we offer cleaning services for motorbikes and trucks as well. We clean the vehicles of our customers with an environment-friendly approach and unparalleled service.
So, call us today for an appointment to clean your car and see the difference yourself.


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